My “Favorite” Real Estate Projects of 2017

I’ve been working in the Seattle commercial real estate industry since I graduated in 2014. Well, actually, since April 2015 because I spent about six months on the job hunt with no luck until my career advisor from The Art Institute of Seattle came through with a great opportunity for me. Before then, I’d never even thought about a career in the commercial real estate industry, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. Plus, I wasn’t really in a position to be picky.

Since then, I’ve worked for five different commercial real estate companies, including three in the top five national commercial real estate brands. I guess that’s something to be proud of, but the longer I work in the industry, the more I honestly seem to lose interest. Most of the time, I’m limited to brand guidelines and plagued by an unlimited number of “tiny” revisions. Nevertheless, it’s part of the job and it’s my responsibility to support the team with marketing materials. So I do the best that I can.

With that said, there were a few projects that I definitely enjoyed working on this year (or more importantly, that I was relieved to finish so I could celebrate with a glass of wine!). Not too many come to mind since at a certain point, all of the marketing materials seem to blend together. But here are a few that stood out for me this year.

SeaTac Office Center Broker Event Invitation

Mockup Source:
Mockup Source:

1600 Seventh Flyer

Mockup Source: Creative Market

Exchange Building Timeline

Mockup Source: Creative Market

333 Dexter Email Gif

I’ve made the decision to develop a five-year plan for my career with the end goal of retiring from a traditional (corporate, *sigh*) job to work independently full time. But until then, I think I can settle for achieving my ambitions at my current job as long as I keep my eyes on the prize.

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