Event Recap: New York Fashion Academy 13th Annual Fashion Show

Event Recap: New York Fashion Academy 13th Annual Fashion Show

I’m not a photographer by any means, but I’d like to say with each new fashion event, I’m getting better at grabbing those action shots. The latest test of my skills was at the New York Fashion Academy 13th Annual Fashion Show in Ballard on Saturday, September 9th. The plan was to get to Ballard early since I always have the worst time trying to find somewhere to park and I wanted to get a good seat, but since Google Maps and I weren’t getting along that day, I decided to test my memory on how to get to the neighborhood. Needless to say, I ended up in Fremont before I realized I was going the wrong way. Luckily, I made it just in time and found a good enough spot. Maybe next year, I’ll just catch a Lyft.

I’ve attended this show for the last three years (see 2016 and 2015 posts) and I’m always excited to see what these talented students create for the runway. Fourteen designers displayed five to six looks from their premier collections. After experiencing the creativity of these designers, I have to say that my favorite look from the collection was “EARTH” from the Such True “Elements” collection by Sachinmayi Menon because of that dynamic (and detachable) ruffle detail over a simple midi dress. My favorite overall collection had to be Shannell Thompson by Shannell Thompson because of the defined structure of each piece that was mature and sexy with the zipper details without showing too much skin. See my best shots and read more about the designers below.

Ana Grigo – Massimo London “The Guard Collection”
Massimo London presents “The Guard Collection inspired by Queen’s Guard. The Collection plays with structure, detail, and texture to create a “Military Romance look”. Behind every strong, powerful and confident woman, there is a feminine and romantic side.
Contact: ana@massimo-london.commassimo-london.com@massimolondonfashion
Hair: Hair by Elina, (425) 830-0205
Makeup: Polina Manannikova, makeupbypolina@gmail.com

Indigo Multerer – Indigo Rose
Indigo Rose is a line for teen girls who want to show off their classy side through clothes they wear. These outfits allow girls to express themselves whether it be a school day or going out to dinner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dress or culottes, Indigo Rose will make you feel and look good
Contact: indigo@multerer.com
Hair: Alexa James
Makeup: Nicole Swoope

Hai Nguyen – Hai
Hai is about simplifying and modernizing a person’s wardrobe. This is achieved by using old-school fabrics and techniques, reducing it until it’s easy to wear and move in.
Contact: nguyentri_hai@yahoo.com
Hair & Makeup: Angel M. Esperas, angeleah19@gmail.com
Jewelry: Stephanie McClelland, @wearablegraveyard

Rebecca Morse – Damsel Industrial
Damsel Industrial makes functional and feminine garments using high-quality natural fibers. Designed for women who dress at the intersection of form and function.
Contact: damselindustrial@gmail.com
Hair: Ritha Espin de White
Makeup: Linh Le

Amanda Klein – Glass Ceiling
Glass Ceiling is classic, elegant clothing for successful, professional women who don’t answer to anyone but still want to feel feminine and beautiful. The silhouettes and fit are fresh and timeless, flattering for all figures and shapes. Bright and colorful fabrics allow for a variety of looks to take a woman from day to evening in great style!
Contact: amanda.klein@live.com
Hair & Makeup: Shannon D. Stabbert

Jennifer Jacobs-Springer – Rouge à la Mode
Rogue à la Mode is about sharp shapes with soft fabrics. Urban sophistication with an edge. Quality construction and materials. Fashion with Function. Punk-Rock Chic.
Contact: jennifer@rougealamode.com
Hair: Kristy Nguyen from Coupe Rokei, @kristynguyentruong
Makeup: John Barber, j.barbermua@gmail.com, @jbarbeauty

Apoorva Sandeboina – AVA Designs
AVA Designs, a luxury brand for today’s modern women, specializes in vibrant colors and intricate embroidery to create original and highly customized designs that will remain timeless. AVA Designs captures the rich history of royalty deep in Indian culture for its new collection called “THE FLORAL AFFAIR”.
Contact: apu.sandeboina@gmail.com
Hair: Alyvia Miller, alyvia.beauty@gmail.com
Makeup: Nima – makeupbynima@gmail.com

Mohanapriya Gunashekaran – CandE “Spring/Summer 2018”
CandE is a clothing line designed for women who are fashionable and playful. Simple designs made in quality organic fabrics with a focus on comfort and elegance. Spring and summer bring an air of optimism and cheer to all of our lives. This line is a cheerful, functional reflection of what these seasons represent. Inspired by the color blocks all around us, this collection intends to satisfy an array of styles and models.
Contact: candeclothing@gmail.com
Hair & Makeup: Alethea Marie Villar

Tierra Alysia – PERMANENT
PERMANENT is an opulent high street brand that designs and creates powerful, expressive, elevated, edgy, yet timeless clothing for the fearless woman. PERMANENT’s mission is to produce thoughtfully designed, purposeful collections, featuring relevant, wearable pieces, using luxurious fabrics, with exceptional fits and exciting and expressive details. A person’s actions when they are alive can be altered but after their death, they remain as history and permanent. This moment is permanent…
Contact: tapurotierra@gmail.com, (425) 308-5578
Beading: Darian “Chub” LaPointe, @ChubCreations

Brandon Reyes – B-Line
Classic garments with contemporary detail. Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day??
Contact: reyes020601@msn.com
Hair: Chez Sanchez
Makeup: Alfonso Borgen

Sachinmayi Menon – Such True “Elements”
Such True is a modern design compilation inspired by the Bohemian feel and embraced with bold colors and feminine silhouettes using ethically produced natural fabrics. The brand stands for fearless and ambitious women who never give up on their dreams. Such True presents a true portrayal of beauty, elegance and boldness in this debut Spring/Summer 2018 collection “Elements”, which captures the essence of womanhood both inside and outside while reflecting on the five elements of nature: AIR representing tranquility, WATER symbolizing purity, EARTH encapsulating creation, SPIRIT carrying creativity, and FIRE unfolding passion.
Contact: sachinmayi.menon@gmail.com, (425) 241-7184
Hair & Makeup: Henals’s Heritage

Teri Smith – Fluidnature Design
Fluidnature Design makes apparel that marries form and function for the woman who embraces the modern intersection worlds of work and leisure: pairing structure with utility in comfortable, easy-care fabrics that move seamlessly between the workplace and recreation.
Contact: design@fluidnature.com, fluidnature.com
Hair: Shelley Loveless
Makeup: Makaela White, (425) 999-2525
Stylists: Tamsyn Carter & Jennie Marker

Shannell Thompson – Shannell Thompson
Shannell Thompson designs is an interchangeable clothing line with endless options to change up your look. Fun, quality designs with comfortable fabric allowing any woman to feel amazing while showing off her personality in style. All pieces can be unzipped and zipped together to other pieces to interchange outfits.
Contact: shannell.thompson11@gmail.com
Hair: Chelsea Johnson, sebastian4466@yahoo.com
Makeup: Bijan Mitchell, mitchellbijan@gmail.com

Kathrerine Foster – The Desk Set
This collection is inspired by amazing librarians and takes the name from the iconic movie starring Katherine Hepburn as the consummate librarian. Someone who is sophisticated and unique. Seventy-five percent of the material used in this collection is from “found” resources, combined with other high-quality fabrics to create an elegant, tailored and one-of-a-kind garment. Each piece is named after a librarian who has inspired and/or mentored the designer.
Contact: bottinodesigns@gmail.com
Hair: Becca Webb
Makeup: Ella Williams & Genevieve Hurlocker

• • •

New York Fashion Academy
The New York Fashion Academy, now in its thirty-ninth year, is a post-secondary vocational training school certified by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board of Washington State. The New York Fashion Academy offers a certificate program that provides vocational training for students who are either seeking an entry-level position as an assistant designer in an existing business or seeking to establish their own fashion business as a design entrepreneur. Visit newyorkfashionacademy.com for more info.

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