9 Weeks Until Mercer Island Half Marathon 2016

It’s a little past noon on this Sunday evening and my body is hurting. Not so much that I can’t move, but with every twist of my torso, I feel the weight of those side bends I did Friday morning. Earlier this week, I still felt like I was trying to adjust to waking up earlier to get to work on time so I didn’t get to run until Thursday at lunch time.

Saturday’s workout got me to focus more though and even though I’m tired and I still have some freelance work to get done, I knew that I couldn’t miss this morning’s run. I’m constantly reminding myself to put myself first, which ultimately forces me to adjust my priorities and how much I can handle without overloading myself.

Yesterday, I decided to add a few more races to my calendar this year. I know myself pretty well so after I finish the Mercer Island Half, I’ll start to slack on my training if I’m not working towards another race. So here’s what I’ve decided on:

I may run a few more if I’m up for it, but these are the main events I want to participate in. I’ve decided not to travel for any races this year and just take advantage of the events that are going on in my area. But hopefully the people at Nike can get their shit together and organize another half marathon in the states. I honestly don’t care where they plan it, I’ll hop on a plane and run it.

Anyway, This morning’s run was the longest of my training so far. I feel good about it. I told myself to finish in under 01:20:00 and I made it by 01:18:38. I feel like I could have finished a little faster if it weren’t for all of the hills, but I know I need to train on hills at least once a week so I can keep my endurance up.

Thankfully, tomorrow is MLK day so I’m off. I just want to get my squats done, do some yoga and then chill for the rest of the day.

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