FGI Seattle SS2017 Trend Event

FGI Seattle SS2017 Trend Event

I’ve been a member of the Seattle Chapter of Fashion Group International for about a year now, but I’ve only attended two events. Recently, I decided to get more involved in the organization after receiving an email about open board member positions. So in order to stay updated on the happenings of the organization, I made sure to attend the Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Event last Thursday night at Zulily. Even though I was exhausted from a long day at work (actually, an abnormally long week), I traveled slowly across the 520 bridge from Bellevue to Belltown and gathered with about fifteen ladies to get the scoop on the season’s “buy now, wear now” trends.

Before the video began, I had the opportunity to sit with the owners of Tonik. The were discussing their re-branding process and asked me to share my opinion on the logo options they received from the design firm they’re working with. I selected the logo with a slight slab serif font and a purple shaded icon that seemed to fit well with my initial thoughts of what the brand was growing into. We also had a discussion about the tagline and using the phrase “real women” in regarding to who the brand is targeting. I absolutely love having though-provoking fashion discussions like that!

Once the video got started, we were treated to an array of styles across different categories. Some of my favorites included:

  • Prints & Patterns – spaced florals, graphics and leopard
  • Messages & Logos – memorable quotes and designer branding
  • Leather – light jackets and skirts
  • Off the Shoulder – blouses and dresses (according to Donna Karan, your shoulders never gain weight)
  • Color – yellow is leading for the season
  • Fabrics – cotton typically leads for all seasons
  • Military – bomber jackets, lots of pockets
  • Denim – a general staple for every season used in tops, bottoms and outerwear
  • Shirts – the white collar button-down remains a staple
  • Hair/Makeup – makeup free, minimal makeup with bold lips, messy braids, faux locs

Some of these trends were way out there and left many of us scratching our heads wondering how we could incorporate any part of those trends into our personal style. Personally, as a whole, the looks felt more like artwork than things you could actually wear; like they would be better suited for a museum exhibit than real life. While watching the panel video, some interesting points about the trends were made about the following topics:

  • Do women dress for men anymore?
  • The premium price for fashion
  • Makeup free trend
  • Is there nothing new in fashion? Are we just reinventing?
  • Do seasons still exist in fashion?
  • Zara’s reference to high-end fashion

On my way home, I was totally revived and excited to potentially join the board for FGI Seattle. But my mind also wandered to question a few things. For instance, I’ve been in the Seattle fashion industry since 2014, and while that’s not a significant amount of time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet tons of professionals. So why aren’t these professionals members of FGI? Why aren’t they eager to attend these events and have meaningful conversations about what’s next for the industry? Maybe it’s because they don’t know about these events or even that FGI exists. Or maybe they just have prior engagements that prevent them from attending. That’s something I’d definitely like to look into if I’m accepted as a board member.

FGI is such a great platform with amazing resources, especially since it’s an international organization, and I think there’s so much more we can be doing to engage industry professionals and improve the overall aesthetic of Seattle fashion. If you’re interested in joining the Seattle chapter (or any chapter) of Fashion Group International, visit fgi.org/membership and be sure to follow FGI Seattle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information on upcoming events and programs.

FGI Seattle
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