Stylishly Made Portfolio Re-Design

Stylishly Made Portfolio Re-Design

Ok. Seriously. I literally just spent the last seven hours re-designing the Stylishly Made portfolio. Last month, I spent about fifteen hours total working on the layout. I must be crazy. I have to admit though, it’s pretty cool. And the only reason I’ve been glued to my home desk all day is because I was inspired by an Adobe Muse theme from (I’m honestly not even sure how you begin to pronounce that lol). The theme is called Facade and it popped up in my email yesterday so I decided since I had the day off from my part time job, I’d just go for it.

Last week, I was actually considering giving up on Adobe Muse, because even with all of the new upgrades (especially the new responsive features), something just wasn’t clicking for me. I figured I’d give it one last shot before I switched over to Squarespace.

So far, I’m pretty impressed. I did have to clear my cache to make sure the links were working correctly and I still have a few layout tweaks to make, but I don’t hate it. I promise, this will be the last time I re-design the portfolio (mostly for my sanity) so I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget, I’m accepting new clients and offering a 10% discount on your first project until December 31, 2016 so be sure to contact me if you need any work done.

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