Time To Slip Into Something A Little More Stylish

Time To Slip Into Something A Little More Stylish

I have a confession to make. I didn’t design the Stylishly Made logo from scratch. I used a vintage logo template from Creative Market. I was in a bit of a rush to get the branding done before my July 1st launch date so I just typed the words into the logo.

So far, it has fit my brand fairly well, but lately, I’ve been feeling the need to upgrade not only the logo, but the overall feel of the brand as well. After much meditation and networking at all of the events I’ve been attending lately, I’ve honed in on the type of clients I want to attract and that doesn’t really fit the brand that I have now. I didn’t want to do a totally dramatic change, but I’ve come to the conclusion that something definitely needs to be done.

The new logo speaks more to my personal style: sleek, stylish and sophisticated. I decided to keep the color scheme the same though. (Fun Fact: my color scheme is an homage to New Orleans, more specifically, the New Orleans Saints.) The new brand is incorporated into my portfolio, which is much easier to navigate through and has more information about how to start a new project with me. I didn’t want to go too over the top with the site, especially because it’s main purpose is to showcase my work with previous and current clients.

So let me know what your think in the comments below or shoot me a quick email at info@stylishlymade.com. Is there anything missing that you thing should be included to attract more clients? Are certain elements confusing? I’d definitely appreciate your feedback since it truly makes me a better designer. I’ve got more great projects on deck so stay tuned. And if you’d like to start a new project with Stylishly Made, click here to get started.

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