Selective Networking

Selective Networking
Image courtesy of Karen Okonkwo

It’s a common misconception that attending every single fashion event in your area is key to making your mark in the industry. Trust me, from my experience, that can be not only mentally and physically draining, but also financially so. While it is important to stay connected, it’s wise to be selective about which events you attend. Here’s where some important factors come into play when deciding which ones to go to.

  • Location: I live in Tacoma, but I work in Bellevue, which means I spend a considerable amount of time in my car five days a week (about 20 hours total, yes… I know). So I’m usually drawn to events that take place on weeknights since I’ll already be in or near the city. Weekend events are a little more challenging since I’ll have to spend an extra day commuting back and forth and it cuts into my already limited family time. Of course, I’ll make an exception if I know about the event in advance and I’ll usually invite my husband to tag along (which never works).
  • Cost: Let’s be honest, fashion ain’t cheap. After a while, all of those tickets, cocktails, outfits and miles on your car add up. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be tempted to shell out one hundred bucks for a front row seat at an upcoming fashion show. It’s important to be realistic about your finances and not let the fear of missing out (or FOMO as the kids call it these days) derail your budget.
  • Type of Event: With the fall fashion season right around the corner, you’ll definitely want to fill your calendar to the brim. But instead of attending every single networking event in the area, make it a point to only attend the most important ones. Here’s where the saying “Use your time wisely” comes in handy. Have an idea of the type of people you want to bump elbows with and only attend events that they’ll be present at. (I know that sounds slightly stalker-ish, but you know what I’m saying.) As far as fashion events go, attend them with a purpose, whether you’re going to support a cause that you care about or a local designer that you’re currently obsessed with (again, not in a stalker sense).

Utilizing these factors has definitely helped me to stay on track in the past few months making it much easier for me to balance my sometimes non-stop life. Feel free to share some of your best networking tips in the comments below.

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